Walnut City Council


Bob Pacheco is the son of immigrant parents. He understands that a good education is essential to be successful in life. Bob was born in a small town in New Mexico. He was unable to speak English when he started school and quickly realized he would have to work harder than the students to do well in his classes.

This was especially hard for Bob as he was often pulled out of school to work with his father in the fields. This meant days, or sometimes weeks, away from school and his studies. When he was able to return to his classes, he had to work harder, study longer and completely dedicate himself to school. He learned how to work with his teachers and others to make up for the loss time and keep up with the other students.

He remembers his dream as a 12 year old boy picking cotton. The sun was hot and the work exhausting. As he stopped to rest for lunch he thought that that one day he would have a better life. He knew education was the key to that better life.

When a job opportunity became available to him in California he dropped out of school and came to Los Angeles yet he did not stop his education. While continuing to work full time he completed high school at night and began taking classes at East Los Angeles Community College. For the next 18 years Bob worked while attending college until he completed his Juris Doctorate Degree and was admitted to practice law as a member of the California State Bar.

Bob moved to Walnut with his family in 1985 and immediately became involved in the community. Mayor Bill Choctaw asked him to serve on his Mayor’s advisory council. He then served on the Walnut Planning Commission and in 1995 was elected to the Walnut City Council. In 1998 he was elected to the California State Assembly, the first person from Walnut to serve in the State Legislature. He was later appointed by President Bush to serve on the United States Naval Academy Board of Visitors. He served as an appellate member of the Cal-OSHA Board of Appeals and as a Senior Advisory for jobs and workforce development to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He currently owns a manufacturing company located in Walnut where he also practices law with his wife Gayle. Last July, Bob was appointed by the Walnut City Council to fill the council seat vacated by Councilmember Tom King. He is currently running for election to that seat.

Bob’s dream, as a 12 year old boy picking cotton, has become a reality. Only in America could a child, born in poverty to immigrant parents, and who spoke no English when he started school, complete his education, start his own businesses, be elected to public office, serve the Governor of California and sit across the table with the President of the United States.

Many children of immigrant families share these same struggles and successes. Bob understands the hardships immigrants experience with language and other barriers. Yet he also appreciates their dedication to hard work and especially their commitment to education. He has dedicated his life to helping and improving the lives of others. He will continue his dream to bring opportunities to everyone in our community.



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